Construction Law

The construction industry is heavily regulated. Our firm has substantial experience with the unique laws applicable to the construction industry, including the Louisiana Public Works Act and the Louisiana Private Works Act. As with most businesses, many of the problems faced in the construction industry can be avoided through proper planning and appropriate contract documents and requirements. Our firm is experienced in preparing contracts, sub-contracts and notice of contracts which can help eliminate many of the problems that occur in the construction industry. However, if faced with a problem, we are experienced in filing liens to secure the privilege granted by Louisiana law and seeking enforcement of that privilege or defending your interests should a lien be improperly filed against you. We understand the construction industry and the profit margin associated with it. Let our firm help protect your business. Representative areas of practice include:

  • Preparing Contracts
  • Preparing Sub-Contracts
  • Public Works Act Compliance
  • Private Works Act Compliance
  • Liens
  • Litigation